About Photo First

Why choose us?

Only the best photos attract buyers!

Over 98% of buyers choose what houses to view by looking at MLS photos. In today's image & video saturated world, you only have a few seconds to capture a buyer's attention online. If a property's pictures aren't attractive, the buyer will not even make an appointment to see it! Increase your showings by not making this mistake!

To us, every photo is a work of Art!

We are not only photography experts, we are digital re-touching experts. That is the Photo First Advantage!

Digital Retouching Expertise

We are experts in Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, and HDR blending. Even with today's advanced digital camera technology, cameras are unable to capture the full spectrum of luminance from a scene that the human eye can. Thus, we use a variety of digital techniques & lighting to realistically capture the scene. The results are bright, warm, inviting spaces & scenes that attract a buyer's attention. Take a look through our recent work in our portfolio to see for yourself!


2 person team - consistent quality

We are a 2 person team: Sonja & Dimitry, photographer & web guy extraordinaire! Photography styles vary: choice of white balance adjustment, vibrancy & camera angles, amongst others, can result in a completely different photo when shot by various people. YOU WILL ALWAYS GET THE SAME PHOTOGRAPHER - resulting in consistently high quality photos. Our passion for the photographic & digital arts, as well as for delivering a superior product at a competitive rate has made us one of the first choice companies for Calgary's top realtors, interior designers, home builders & home stagers.


First class service!

We go above and beyond our competitors not only in quality but in service, offering SAME DAY SERVICE for realtor mls photos - for photo shoots done before 2pm. We also work 7 days a week and offer bundle services to save you time and money. Always punctual, courteous and efficient, Photo First will easily become your first choice professional photographer!

Make the very best first impression online! Call us now!